23 Top Craigslist Alternatives To Buy And Sell Anything

For anyone looking to tidy up and organize their home, decluttering is always the first step to getting rid of old stuff. Typically, Craigslist is the first website when one is looking to sell outdated items online.

The 23 Best Craigslist Alternatives For Buying And Selling Stuff

eBay Classifieds

In 2005, eBay, the biggest buying and selling website globally, established an international listings site in Canada and called it Kijiji. The company was later introduced to the United States in 2007, and in 2010 it was given the name eBay Classifieds as a rebranding strategy. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is not officially listed as a classified website. However, the site has still helped a number of its users to purchase and sell things more conveniently. It is also a much more secure site compared to Craigslist.


Poshmark is yet another online shopping platform. Trading or purchasing old clothes and shoes is a pocket-friendly method of revamping your wardrobe.


Indeed.com is a full-fledged job-hunting website that lists practically every type of employment opportunity available, from part-time freelance jobs to full-time careers. It is an amazing substitute for Craigslist’s job advertisements. 


With a monthly subscription charge of $44, Match.com was named one of the top dating apps for 2021 by PC Magazine. The platform, which was launched in 1993, is more expensive than some new arrivals in the market. 

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