5 Best Financial Manager Apps For Students

Being a college student is great, but one of the not-so-romantic things about it is that you’re almost always broke. It often feels like you’re spread too thin with having to pay for tuition, meals, housing, and textbooks.

Here are five best financial management apps for students. 


Mint is one of the most popular financial and budgeting apps, and for a good reason. It is packed with features but has a user interface that is extremely intuitive and easy to use. 


Wally is another useful budgeting app that lets you set your spending goals, manage your savings, and keep track of your budget monthly. Also, you can sync your existing accounts to Wally, which will provide centralized access to your finances.


With Mvelopes, you can set up different spending categories, which will help you set aside some money for your savings. You can also multiple accounts to the app, and because it works in real-time, you can quickly check how much you can afford to spend at any given moment.  

If you are really terrible at setting money aside yourself, don’t worry because Chip has you covered on this front. And if you are curious about investing the money you have saved, the app can also help in that aspect. It represents a hybrid between a budgeting app and a savings account. 


Breaking the habit of overspending can be very difficult, and PocketGuard might be the best help you can get. The app will sync with your existing accounts, analyze your spending behavior, and then remind you whenever you are close to exceeding your financial limits.


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