5 Best Financial Manager Apps For Students

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Being a college student is great, but one of the not-so-romantic things about it is that you’re almost always broke. It often feels like you’re spread too thin with having to pay for tuition, meals, housing, and textbooks. And there might be other unforeseen expenses, such as your computer breaking down or necessary prescriptions.

So the obvious solution, apart from having a part-time job as an essay writer or something similar, would be to come up with a budgeting plan that would enable you to stretch the dollar and leave some money on the side in case you need it for a professional essay writing service or an emergency.

But, even working adults have a tough time managing their expenses, and with the rising costs of just about everything, it doesn’t seem like things will get any better for students either. This is why we have decided to help you by putting together a list of the five best financial management apps for students. So, let’s check it out. 

1. Mint

Mint is one of the most popular financial and budgeting apps, and for a good reason. It is packed with features but has a user interface that is extremely intuitive and easy to use. It enables you to cover just about every aspect of your finances.

Mint will even send you notifications every time you get close to overstepping your limit and when you need to pay different bills, such as essay help or utilities. Also, you can overview and manage multiple accounts, such as your savings, checking, and investments account, as well as your credit cards. And you only need one password to access them all, which is incredibly convenient.

2. Wally

Wally is another useful budgeting app that lets you set your spending goals, manage your savings, and keep track of your budget monthly. Also, you can sync your existing accounts to Wally, which will provide centralized access to your finances. Most importantly, Wally will give valuable insights into your spending habits, so you can make tweaks and improvements that will enable you to save money.

The app also comes with a calendar feature that can create different types of financial reminders, such as your rent, tuition, student load, or paying an essay writer who has helped you with your paper. 

3. Mvelopes

Although most people nowadays tend to use credit cards and other means of payment that don’t involve any cash, some still prefer to have actual physical money in their hands when putting together their budget. And if you belong to that group, you will find the Mvelopes app more useful.

With Mvelopes, you can set up different spending categories, which will help you set aside some money for your savings. You can also multiple accounts to the app, and because it works in real-time, you can quickly check how much you can afford to spend at any given moment. 

4. Chip

If you are really terrible at setting money aside yourself, don’t worry because Chip has you covered on this front. And if you are curious about investing the money you have saved, the app can also help in that aspect. It represents a hybrid between a budgeting app and a savings account.

The best thing about Chip is that it minimizes the hassle it takes to invest your savings because you can do so in no time. Its basic plan will satisfy the needs of most college students who are interested in investing, whether it’s a new IT startup or an essay writer service. 

5. PocketGuard

Breaking the habit of overspending can be very difficult, and PocketGuard might be the best help you can get. The app will sync with your existing accounts, analyze your spending behavior, and then remind you whenever you are close to exceeding your financial limits.

However, even if you are good with money, you will still find this app useful because it will provide you with new ways to save money. Those small savings will add up to a significant amount over time. And if you aren’t big on technology, it only takes a couple of taps to connect all of your bank accounts to the app. 

Final Word 

Although saving money as a college student seems challenging, especially in this economy, you can still make it work with the help of one of these apps. They will teach you how to be careful with your money so that you can direct it toward something more valuable and productive.

Once you develop better financial habits, you will find that setting aside some extra cash is more than doable. Good luck!