5 Steps To Stop Your Husband’s Bad Spending Habits

Does your husband or significant other have a bad spending habit? You’re in luck because I was able to stop my husband’s bad spending habits and I will tell you what did and didn’t work to get my husband’s spending under control. 

The Steps To Stop His Spending

Create A Budget – By Yourself

Before you approach him, examine your finances to see where your money is going. This can be done by creating a monthly budget. Once you have this information, it will be easier to convince him to curb his spending and financially get on board with you.

Create Common Ground

When armed with the budget, you are ready to move in. Approach him at a good time and bring up the finances in a non-condescending manner.

Create A Vision With Your Husband

A budget and retirement plan are great, but they seem meaningless without goals and dreams. Shared visions are significant for you and your spouse, and I encourage you to seek those out.

Establish Your Financial Why

When he was finally on board with creating a better financial situation, he needed his “why.”  He wrote his five and ten-year goals on paper and told me to do the same. After I completed my list, we compared them. It was fantastic that we shared several common goals and also had unique plans that the other was unaware of.

Sharing Control Of Your Finances

As men, they like to be in control – as do women. So with money, how do both of us take control simultaneously? After I created financial buy-in with him, we took different financial roles. We took on financial positions that matched our personalities.

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