Adidas Product Testing: Get Free Swag!

You may have seen people wearing Adidas shoes while you were out and about. The increased popularity has increased the need for Adidas product testing to ensure customers stay engaged and desire their products. 

How The Adidas Product Testing Program Works

The Adidas product testing program ensures that all products meet the highest quality and safety standards. The product testing period typically lasts for six months, and during this time, the product is rigorously tested in various conditions.

What To Expect With The Adidas Product Testing Program

When you sign up for the product testing program, you will be expected to provide personal information such as your age, gender, and location. You will also be asked what sports and activities you enjoy so that Adidas can better target product testing opportunities for you. 

How To Apply For The Adidas Product Testing Program

Adidas offers product testing services for anyone interested in trying out their latest offerings. You can sign up online at Adidas’ website. But you must meet minimum requirements to apply. 

Is Adidas Product Testing Legit?

While it is true that Adidas has had its share of controversies in the past, the company has always been clear about its product testing procedures and that its product testing is legit. 

Partnership With Adidas Product Quality Control

This is where the Adidas Production Quality Control team comes in. The team conducts checks to ensure that the products are manufactured according to the approved design and specifications.  

AQL Inspection Process

The product undergoes a test called an AQL inspection during its manufacturing process. An AQL inspection rate is a sampling method for quality control in the context of mass production, and it stands for “acceptable quality level” or “average quality limit.” 

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