How Azure Standard Saves Us Money On Groceries

Although you may be unfamiliar with the name Azure Standard, it had its start in the early 1970s in a little town called Dufur, Oregon. 

What Types Of Food Does Azure Standard Sell?

The farms grow grains, beans, fresh produce, fruits, berries as well as garden seeds and plant starts for gardens. 

Organic Food: Is It Really Worth It?

Organic foods are vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and dairy that are grown naturally, without chemicals, and are not processed or refined. Although people know that organic is “better for you”, many often say that nongmo food is so much more expensive than “regular food,” that it just isn’t worth it. 

The Advantages Of Eating Organic Health Food

First, whole foods are healthier to eat because it has not come into contact with any pesticides and herbicides that can be harmful. Organic food is also preservative-free. 

Azure Standard Products 

Azure Standard has grown significantly from its first deliveries of organic grain in the 1980s. Today, they sell wellness products (like herbs, nutritional supplements, and essential oils), health and beauty items, personal care products, clothing, laundry supplies, garden products, pet food, paper products, kitchen supplies, and more.  

How Much Does Azure Standard Cost?

There is no fee to join the Azure Standard service. There is a $50 minimum cost on each individual order and the total order of a drop site, which will be discussed below, must be $550. 

Azure Standard Uses “Drops” To Get You Your Orders

Azure Standard is located in Dufur, Oregon, but you do not have to live there to be able to take advantage of their service. You can have their food delivered to you! 

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