Why Blogging is a Great Way to Learn New Marketable Skills

Most people who start blogging have ideas of building a huge following and supporting themselves through affiliate marketing.

Why Blogging is Perfect for Learning New Skills

Blogging is the perfect platform for learning skills that you can use to start earning more money. As you build a blog, you’ll learn all the different parts of blogging and figure out exactly which parts you naturally enjoy.

How to Make Money with These New Skills

A blog is a business just like any other. A new blog is often run by a single person, but as the site grows, the tasks quickly get overwhelming, and one person simply can’t do it all.

Skills You Can Learn

There is a lot that goes into running a blog. One person can’t do it all, and a successful blog owner will often turn to their network when the workload gets to be too much.

Here are a few of the common positions bloggers are looking to fill as they grow their team.

Social media management is often one of the first things a blogger will outsource. It’s very time-consuming for the site owner and very easily defined as its own role.

Social Media Management

Writing blog posts is another very common freelancing position. You’ll receive assignments from the site owner (or editor) and complete them according to the standards of the site.


Email marketing is a big part of blogging. Most, if not all, blogs have regular email newsletters they sent to their followers plus nurture sequences to welcome new subscribers.

Email Marketing

Optimizing a blog for search engines is an ongoing practice, and getting it right can mean the difference between the success or failure of a site. So if you love SEO, you definitely have a marketable skill.


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