28 Cheap Date Night Ideas!

In order to make sure you actually have a date night, put the date on your home calendar and make sure you follow through with one of these ideas! 

28 Great Cheap Date Night Ideas

1. Cook Together

Cooking together is a great way to bond with your partner. Cooking dinner together is a great way for you to connect with each other and share your passions. 

2. Game Night

One of my favorite date night ideas is a game night. Once the kids are in bed, fire up the popcorn machine and get out a game!  

3. Go On An Early Morning Hike

With all the beautiful areas around us, schedule an early morning hike with just the two of you.  Here in Arizona, there are countless trails to explore that are 20 minutes away from wherever you are. 

4. Dinner By Moonlight

Have a date night where the two of you cook dinner together and eat outside under the stars by candlelight.  You eat each night at the table or on the couch – now is the time to mix it up a bit.  

5. Listen To Music Together

Listening to music together is another great way to spend time together. You can listen to music that you both enjoy or that has meaning to you. 

6. Go Bowling During The Week

When was the last time you went bowling during the week?  They usually have great specials and it’s super cheap!  

7. Take A Walk

Taking a walk together is a great way to spend time together. You don’t need to go far; just take a short stroll around the block. 

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