The Cost of Consumer Goods Is Rising: Find Out More

The cost of consumer goods has risen and fallen over time—with the long-term trajectory for most items going up. That’s not a surprise to most people. 

Is the Cost of Consumer Goods Increasing?

Yes, the cost of consumer goods is increasing. It generally always has, but depending on various economic and market factors, there are times when costs increase faster than others.  

Consumer goods are the goods that are bought and used by consumers. That’s in comparison to goods that are bought and used by businesses and manufacturers.  

What Are Consumer Goods?

The consumer price index, or CPI, is a measurement of how much the overall cost of consumer goods goes up or down over a period of time. 

What Is the Consumer Price Index?

What Goods Are Included in the CPI? 

– Housing – Apparel – Transportation – Education and communication – Recreation – Food and beverage – Medical care – Other goods and service

Why Are Costs Rising?

Costs rise over time due to a variety of economic and market reasons, including consumer demand. When demand is strong and people are buying a lot of goods, businesses can charge more for those goods.   

What Does a Rising CPI Mean for You?

Rising CPI can mean you pay more for the goods you need, including food. Unfortunately, rising CPI doesn’t automatically mean rising pay rates, so many consumers have to figure out how to budget for these increasing prices given their current income.  

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