11 Unique Diamond Alternatives [Our Favorites]

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but when you’re hunting for the perfect engagement ring, there are more “friendly” diamond alternatives out there that are just as stunning. 

Understanding Quality Ratings: What To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Stone And What Raises The Price

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Gemstones That Look Like Diamonds Without The Hefty Price Tag

1. Moissanites

The great imitator, moissanite, stands as an alternative to diamond favorite. They can easily be confused with natural diamonds—despite their utterly different chemical structure¬—because of their excessively dispersive nature.

2. White Sapphire

A considerable visual difference exists between diamonds and white sapphire gemstones, but the diversity still makes it an exquisite option for an engagement ring. White sapphires are far rarer, plus they are often left untreated or entirely natural. 

3. Cubic Zirconia

As far as savings go, cubic zirconia stones are the cheapest alternatives to diamonds because they are a lab creation and carry very little market value. Made famous by Swarovski in the 1980s, it offers a bright, sparkly option at exceptionally low prices.

4. White Topaz

White Topaz’s enticement is pretty straightforward. This natural stone is both largely durable at a hardness of 8, and the size selection is vast.

When It Has To Be A Diamond

Most similar to the genuine article, a lab-grown or man-made diamond is still a real diamond, making it the closest option to a traditionally-minded diamond developed underground.

5. Man-Made Diamonds – The Closest Alternative To A Natural-Mined Diamond

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