Easy High-Profit Skills Without College

Most everyone will agree that doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., are careers with high income skills. But all of these require at least four years of college, if not more. 

Because these specialized skills need formal education, it’s understandable why they demand a high income.

However, did you know there are skills you can learn to generate six figures without a formal education? Keep reading for a list of 29 valuable skills and how you train for them. 

The Top 29 Best High Income Skill

These high demand skills are presented in no particular order. For each skill, the training involved and the business ideas where it could be utilized have been provided. There is also a “related skill” section to link skills together that appear on the list. Some are only loosely related, while others are tightly integrated.

Graphic designers create the visual elements of both online and offline advertisements. They are the logo creators, the banner designers, the artists that draw the cute characters that sell products.

Graphic Designer

If you enjoy working with numbers, finding patterns, and uncovering the latest trends, the data analytics course from Google may be a perfect fit.

Data Analyst

With user experience (UX) being a top factor when it comes to websites and apps, UX design professionals are in high demand. Google has announced the Google UX Design Professional Certificate as an alternative method to learn a high income skill without attending a formal university.

UX Design Professional

Amazon Web Services Cloud Certification

Amazon has come a long way from the bookstore in Jeff Bezos’s garage. Amazon has morphed into a digital marketplace with a profitable section in the cloud.


Blockchain stores and tracks valuable information and uses the entire computer network connected to the chain to secure information. The security of the blockchain is something most organizations struggle to understand, and learning how to incorporate this technology is definitely a high income skill.

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