7 Ways To Manage Your Fear Of Spending Money [Chrometophobia]

Fear of spending money, known as chrometophobia or chrematophobia, is an abnormal and persistent fear of spending money or being around it.

What Is A Normal Fear Of Money?

Everyone worries about money. When times are hard, most people feel tense, and anxiety creeps in. 

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- Refraining From Money Thoughts - Staying Away from Activities You Enjoy - Desire To Constantly Count Money - Refusal To Handle Money - Depressive Thoughts

What Are The Symptoms Of Chrometophobia?

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Everyone is at risk of suffering from this condition. Adults of any age can suffer from the condition as soon as they start earning money. 

Who Suffers From Chrometophobia?

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7 Ways To Manage Chrometophobia

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Most sufferers of chrometophobia fear they will overspend and have nothing for the future. To avoid overspending or thinking about it, you should create a monthly budget and stick to it.

Create a Budget

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Create An Emergency Fund

An emergency fund helps you in the case of large unforeseen expenses. More than 28 percent of Americans do not have any money set aside for emergencies.

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