What You Need to Know About GoodRx

Prescription drug prices vary wildly across different pharmacies and contribute to the high cost of healthcare in our country. 

Starting in 2011, GoodRx is a startup that created an online website and phone app platform that tracks the prices of different prescription medications. Users can find information on drug prices near them, compare them to various pharmacies, AND get free coupons for discounts. 

What is GoodRx?

How it Works

There is no need to input any personal information in the Good Rx site or app. It’s free to use and works like this:

– Go to the homepage at Goodrx.com – Input the medication you are looking for – View the list of pharmacies near you that sell the drugs – View the prices of the drugs at each location – You compare and see which one you’d like – Go to the pharmacy and get your medication!

GoodRx Coupons

In addition to giving you the prices, GoodRx also provides free coupons that can be presented at any pharmacy. 

Pros Of Using GoodRx

The cost savings The website makes comparing prescription drug prices easy. As a result, the average customer who uses GoodRx saves approximately $355 a year on their prescription medications.

It’s Free and Easy To Use

Not having to pay upfront to use the service is a great bonus and just adds to the cost savings. Plus, how nice is it not to have to worry about inputting your personal information in yet another app!

There is a subscription service 

If you take a lot of prescription medications or have family members who do, GoodRx has a subscription plan for $5.99/month (individuals) or $9.99/month (family) called GoodRx Gold. With it, you get access to even more discounts and can use it to cover up to six family members.

It’s Versatile

This service can be used at any pharmacy across the entire country, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Also, all the major pharmacy chains are available, including CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Rite Aid, Costco, and Walmart!

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