How To Create Wealth With Mutual Funds

Everyone seems to have their own opinion about how to create wealth. Some of these “experts” may be the broke uncle who just found the next hot stock to invest in.  

Mutual Fund Basics

A mutual fund is a way for people to invest in several companies by purchasing only one product – namely, a mutual fund. A mutual fund is one individual fund made up of many different investments, such as stocks, bonds, money markets, and others.

Mutual Fund Goals And Focus

The overall objective of a mutual fund, detailed in the prospectus, often follows a specific strategy. These strategies are described as:

Growth Stock Funds

Money managers who manage mutual funds based on growth stock funds invest in companies they expect will grow faster than the average market returns. This involves research and buying company stock believed to increase at a faster pace than others and to sell other company stock that has slowed or is predicted to slow down.  

Value Stock Funds

When you think of value stocks, think of items in a “bargain bin.” These are stocks that the portfolio (money) managers believe are being sold at a discounted price but are worth more than the amount they are being sold.

Blend Stock Funds

Blend stock funds invest in a “blended” mixture of both growth and value stocks. These types of funds attempt to diversify and mitigate significant losses by sacrificing substantial returns.

Index Funds

The strategy of index mutual funds is to mirror a market index. If a company drops out of an index, the money managers do the same and cut the company from the mutual fund portfolio.

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