How To Get Your Kid To Talk To You

Teaching your child how to properly communicate is an essential part of raising them and teaching them about money. Unfortunately, many kids don’t like to talk and will only give you a one-word answer when you ask them how their day was. 

My Experience Talking To Young Children

Without getting into too many of the graphic details, I will just say that there are too many children out there who are living through hell on earth. Things you would never want to experience as an adult, let alone as a child. 

What Is A Forensic Interview?

A forensic interview is a special way to communicate with a child in order to get information from them without influencing the information.  

When Are Children Forensically Interviewed?

– If the child is a witness or a victim to a crime, forensic interviews are used to gain information that can later be used in court. – Children are often scared to tell others about their current household situation, such as not receiving enough food or other basic necessities of life. A forensic interview would be good in this situation. – Anytime you need to talk to a child and have an open conversation with them!

How I Forensically Interview My Children – And Why!

The techniques I  learned have allowed me to connect with my children on levels that other parents struggle to do. At dinner, my children tell me all about their day – in detail. 

You Kids Don’t Communicate Because You Ask Bad Questions

The type of question you ask your child directly correlates with the answer you are going to receive. Giving them a question that they can answer give them an easy out. 

Questions You Should NOT Ask Your Child

1. Any question that can be answered with one word.Don’t give them that option! 2. Any question that asks the child to answer “why something happened.”   

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