How To Make Extra Money Writing A Blog In 2022

Did you know you can make your writing talent a profitable business bringing you additional income? If so, it’s time to create your blog that will bring you extra money. 

Generally, writing a blog is quite a low-cost idea that can result in hundreds of dollars in monthly income if you apply the proper marketing and SEO strategies.

Here are several simple yet elaborate ways to make your site bring income: 

Use a website for e-commerce solutions, i.e., to sell services or products 

To define your reputation rate, you need to check your conversion. This means clients who become paying ones after interacting with your website advertisement. 


Promote your business to gain high traffic and engage advertisers. Their audience should be similar to your target audience, so advertisers will pay for their sources’ promotion.

Building a strong backlink profile 

This is an SEO strategy, and it can increase your Google ranking and traffic, which eventually will boost your audience. This is also a way of monetization, especially if using your website for guest posting with credible backlinks.

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