I Hate My Life: 9 Simple Steps To Happiness

Perhaps you hate your life because you are always tired, stressed out, and unhappy. Maybe you feel stuck in a rut and don’t know how to change things.  

-Accept who you are  - Forgive yourself - Learn from your mistakes - Move forward - Be grateful - Seek Help From A Mental Health Professional

How To Stop Hating Yourself – The First 6 Actionable Steps

How To Change Things For The Better – In 9 Steps

Here are some ways to change things for the better:

When you set goals, you increase your chances of achieving success. So, make sure that you write down your goals.

Make goals

Set deadlines

 Deadlines help you stay focused. They keep you motivated because they give you something to work toward.   

Keep track of your progress

To ensure that you’re making progress, you need to keep track of your goals. Write down your goals every day, week, month, or year.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself when you achieve your goals. For example, treat yourself to a nice meal, buy yourself new clothes, or treat yourself to a night out with friends.

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