11 Simple Living Stingy Tips To Reach Your Goals

Living stingy is a compliment for some people, yet a derogatory term for others. Some people who embrace the stingy term are proud of their lack of spending and the ability to get a good deal.

11 Tips To Start Living Stingy To Reach Your Goals

If you’re ready to start your stingy living journey because you’re sick and tired of being broke, these tips will quickly help you get back on track.

To achieve the best results, you need to have a clear goal set before considering living stingy. Goals give us a purpose and keep us motivated.

Create Clear Goals And Expectations

Create A Monthly Budget / Monthly Financial Plan

A monthly budget or a monthly spending plan is the secret weapon to achieve your financial goals and dreams. By telling your money where to go rather than wondering where it went each month, you can be intentional about spending.

No spending challenges are a great way to shock your system into saving money. There are all types of no spend challenges available that range from: No Spend Month No Spend Monthly Challenge  No Buy year

Complete A No Spend Challenge

Eliminate Your Unnecessary Subscriptions

Most of our non-stingy habits come from routine spending. Monthly subscription plans are a great tool to keep companies wealthy while you struggle to make ends meet. 

Use Cashback Apps For Shopping

In the age of financial technology (fintech), saving money through automation is easier than ever. Rakuten: What I like about Rakuten is installing the Chrome extension, which automatically tells me if an individual website is eligible for cashback. Honey: When I’m on a checkout page, all I do is click the Honey app extension, and it automatically tries coupon codes for me. 

Stop Overpaying In Taxes

Take your money back and earn interest on it by reducing the amount of taxes you pay during the year. Speak with your accountant to ensure you don’t pay too little and end up with a large tax bill at the end of the year.

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