6 Money Lockscreen Apps That Work

Locking your smartphone and computer is one of the most basic security steps you should take. You block theft and the leaking of your personal information by taking the time to set up a passcode or gesture to unlock your phone.  

There is always some new app or entertainment resource that comes out so you can enjoy your bursts of serotonin. Now, every time you unlock your phone, there are features available that can be added to your phone that will earn you extra money. 

Earning Money With Lockscreen Apps

Are Money Lockscreen Apps Available For Apple iOS?

Unfortunately, money lockscreen apps are only available for Android devices. Apple does not allow these types of apps to take over their lockscreens. 

The Pros Of Using Money Lockscreen Apps

The biggest benefit you receive is the passive income from unlocking your phone. Another positive advantage of lockscreen apps is you are more than welcome to combine strategies to get more money. 

The Cons Of Using Money Lockscreen Apps

The limitation of lockscreen reward apps should be considered before downloading. There are some notable limitations involved with some of these apps that might discourage you from participating. 

6 Best Lockscreen Apps To Make Money

This list includes the top six money lockscreen apps that are currently active. 

1. ScreenLift Rewards Lockscreen App 2. ScreenKarma 3. DooCash 4. MYTOZ 5. S’More 6. Slidejoy

Money Lockscreen Apps That No Longer Work

These apps no longer have technical support and in addition to being a waste of time, you will not receive money from them. 

1. SurveyCow Lockscreen Rewards 2. BillsBoard Lockscreen App 3. Sleep Money App 4. Whaff Locker 5. Mint Screen (previously Fronto) 6. Adme 7. Screen Stash 8. Perk Screen 9. Screen Pay 10. MooCash

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