Free Online Math Games [For Kids!]

My kids love games. Recently I stumbled on a site that hosts free online math games for kids – that my kids actually like to play! 

As you know, personal finance and math are intimately connected. This led to me making terrible financial decisions early on in my adult life that took me quite a while to fix. 

Math And Personal Finance Are Connected

How Do I Make My Child Love Math?

The simple answer is math needs to be stimulating, entertaining, and challenging, while still being easy to understand for our children. 

How To Teach Math At Home

Since we were forced to home school due to COVID-19, I have been searching for an online fun math game that will not only entertain but teach my kids different personal finance principles. 

How I Made Math Class More Fun

After finding the site, I decided that just because I liked the challenging math games, that didn’t mean my kids would like them. I called my youngest, who is seven years old and in 1st grade, and asked him to look through the games and pick his favorite. 

Zombie Number

This math game involves solving math problems before the zombies get to the hero. 

It has for main math focus areas which include: – Addition – Subtraction – Multiplication – Divison

Math Boy

Math Boy was the second game my youngest chose. Again, this one focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  

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