12 Tips to Help Prevent Identity Theft

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There were more than 650,000 instances of reported identity theft in 2019, according to data from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Separate information from Javelin Strategy & Research found that consumers lost almost $17 billion to fraud in the same year. 

Concerned you might not be doing enough to prevent identity theft? Check out these tips we’ve collected to help you lead a more secure life and safeguard your information, finances and family.  

Know How Identity Theft Happens

In today’s digital world, we have a tendency to automatically associate identity theft with cybercrime. While data breaches are a major source of identity theft, there are other ways it can happen. Focusing on just one possibility may leave you vulnerable in other areas. 

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Never Carry Your Social Security Card

If someone gets a hold of your Social Security card, they have just about free range to impersonate you. Your Social Security number is a critical piece of data and often known only by you.  

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When your Social Security number is requested for something like a loan application, be sure that the organization is totally legitimate. It’s important that you proceed extremely carefully when giving your Social Security number to anyone. 

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Give Your SSN Only to Trusted Entities

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Shred Documents

If you’re throwing away important documents with personally identifying information, criminals can steal that information or use it to access other accounts. Buy a shredder and shred all documents that include sensitive information.

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