23 Best Robinhood Alternatives  [In 2022]

After launching a remarkably easy-to-use investment app in 2015, Robinhood quickly grew into one of the most prominent stock trading services available. The platform’s simple, beginner-friendly approach to stocks included commission-free trades, which was uncommon at the time.  

Why Robinhood Might Not Be Right For You

Research and analytic tools, for example, are notably missing, as are diverse account types such as tax-advantaged retirement and custodial accounts. In addition, Robinhood lacks popular investment choices such as mutual funds, foreign stocks, and bonds. 

What’s Wrong With Robinhood

The problems with Robinhood do not stop with the lack of features, however. Unfortunately, there are a host of other issues that make the platform problematic.

The 23 Best Alternatives To Robinhood

In this article, we will be taking a look at 23 online brokerages that can be used instead of Robinhood.

Interactive Brokers has provided quality investment services to customers for more than three decades. While this platform offers cryptocurrencies, bonds, and options trades like Robinhood, they set themselves apart from their competitors by offering international stocks and futures trading. 

1. Interactive Brokers

M1 Finance excels for investors who enjoy long-term investing or prefer a more hands-off approach. With an array of smart tools available to automate investments, users can let the platform do much of the work for them. 

2. M1 Finance 

Public is unique in that it doubles as a social media platform for traders and a brokerage. This combination allows you to see what others are investing in while making your own decisions about stocks.  

3. Public 

Betterment has been an innovative, trailblazing company responsible for leading the charge in Robo-financial advising and consultations without management fees. Their platform is excellent for investors who prefer a more hands-off approach. 

4. Betterment 

Ally Invest is part of Ally Bank, a comprehensive financial product and service company. The advantage of this is that Ally Invest Users have easy access to their other preexisting accounts through Ally or can easily open new ones.  

5. Ally Invest 

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