27 Best Ways To Fix A Sense Of Entitlement

It’s so easy to point the finger at others and to judge their sense of entitlement, but recently I did some self-reflection and found I am just as guilty of feeling entitled as the next person. 

As a career professional, I have high expectations. I expect my team to work as hard as I do and I expect certain things in my life.  

My Sense Of Entitlement And Frustrations

- Identify The Behavior - Help Change Their Wording - Set Limits - Treat Everyone Equally - Don’t Push Yourself too Hard

How Do You Deal With Entitlement?

How Do You Change Entitled Behavior?

- Set Expectations - Don’t Fight - Say No - Don’t Give In - Take Some Time     Away

- Consider The Perspective Of Others - Encourage And Promote Others - Make Your Own Way - Change Your Expectations - Try Therapy

Dealing With Your Own Entitlement

Entitled People Can Be Toxic

- Believing They’re Better than Others - Double Standards - Not Playing Fairly -Manipulating/Controlling - Constantly Attention Seeking -Regular Meltdowns/Nasty Attitude

Signs You’re Entitled

- Unrealistic Demands Self-Pity - Doing Whatever It Takes (at all cost) - Punish People With Your Behavior - Others Are Always Competition - Everyone Else Comes Second

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