Simple Wills

[What You Need To Know]

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What Is A Simple Will?

Simple wills create a legal guide for people to follow after someone passes away. With a simple will, you can ensure that your assets are given to who you wish to have them. 

Key Simple Will Information

In this section, we will cover some commonly asked questions about simple wills.

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How To Create A Simple Will

Just bring all essential documents with you when filing the will. Without them, you can’t put anything on file. 

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Can You Write A Will Yourself?

Writing one of them yourself isn’t hard. But, first, you have to put down some essential information, and you need to gather a few documents.

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How Much A Will Cost

Wills can vary in cost dramatically. If you don’t own enough to hit the estate tax, you may not have to pay anything at all.

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Are DIY Wills Legal?

Only wills that have gone through probate can be considered legal. In other words, you can write one up yourself.

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Does Everyone Need A Will?

Most people don’t want to think about writing a will. A will protects our loved ones if something ever happens.

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What’s Included In A Simple Will

Simple wills cover quite a bit. Each of them will be a tad different, but they’ll all contain a few pieces of the same critical information.

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The Cost Of A Simple Will

The cost of writing a simple will can range from nothing at all to upwards of $1,000. However, writing a will without any help may cost you less than $100. 

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