Ten Free Things To Do While You Stay At Home

The novel coronavirus has changed the routine of nearly everyone I know. Many of us have gone from incredibly busy social lives to confinement at home with or without other friends or family members. 

It may be tempting to spend a lot of the time binge-watching shows or playing video games, but there are better solutions that can help you survive or even thrive in the days ahead. 

1. Read A Free Book

There are a number of sources where you can download free books. One website, Open Library, allows readers to search their site for a place to find a free version of hundreds of books.  

2. Write A Letter To A Loved One

Writing letters is a lost art in these digital times, but there is nothing better than finding a card or letter from your loved one in the mailbox, and when it is written by hand, the letter becomes extra special. 

3. Cook Something Fun In The Kitchen

Think of all of the times that you rushed home to make a frozen dinner or brought home carryout. Now revel in the time you have to prepare a delicious home-cooked meal that you can serve at the dinner table. 

4. Work Out! 

Find new ways to stay active. Play soccer in the yard, crank up some music and dance, or take the dog for a walk (remember to stay 6 feet away from other people while outside). 

5. Sharpen Your Brain

Spend some time exercising your brain by doing puzzles.  Puzzles to Print has hundreds of brain teasers that you can download and print for free, and they include everything from word searches to Suduko.  

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