13 Top Donors That Pay Off Student Loans

During the last 20 years, more than 42 million people have obtained student loans, and according to several reports, the student loan debt has a total value of at least $1.56 trillion. Luckily, there are donors that pay off student loans to help students.

Are There Really Helpful Donors That Pay Off Student Loans?

Many donors have repaid student loans, helped students, and offered sizable grants, and several experts have suggested that these donations have benefited more than 5.5 million people. 

Evaluating The Top Donors Who Might Repay Student Loans

1. Rolling Jubilee

Rolling Jubilee is a Nonprofit organization that has helped many students, and the organization eliminated debt that has a total value of more than $31.9 million. In addition, the organization frequently provides detailed reports that evaluate student loan debt. 

2. The Shared Harvest Fund

By volunteering and completing projects, the payments are directly sent to the loan servicer to help quickly reduce the debt. Shared Harvest has made it its mission to help students knock down their student loans while positively impacting the world at the same time.

3. Crowdfunding – GoFundMe

Since 2008, many students have frequently utilized crowdfunding. Once you create an online profile, you should specify your student debt, your current job, the balance of the loan, and the monthly payments.

4. AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps is a well-known organization that has helped millions of people, and currently, the foundation manages more than 270,000 volunteers. If you join AmeriCorps, the organization may offer a grant that has a value of $6,345.

5. Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

You should evaluate a Government program that can reduce your monthly payments, provide student loan relief and offer forbearance. Once you apply for the program the lender will evaluate your monthly income, and the creditor may request monthly payments based on your income. 

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