13 Top Donors That Pay Off Student Loans

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During the last 20 years, more than 42 million people have obtained student loans, and according to several reports, the student loan debt has a total value of at least $1.56 trillion. Luckily, there are donors that pay off student loans to help students.

The donors may quickly pay the lenders, reduce the student debt, decrease the monthly payments and provide student loan grants. Additionally, the borrowers could evaluate multiple programs that can eliminate the student loans, and some creditors could offer loan forgiveness programs, refinance the loans or customize a payment plan.

Are There Really Helpful Donors That Pay Off Student Loans?

Many donors have repaid student loans, helped students, and offered sizable grants, and several experts have suggested that these donations have benefited more than 5.5 million people. If you are searching for donors, you may contact charitable organizations, utilize crowdfunding, evaluate student debt relief programs and find anonymous donors.

You should also look into a student loan repayment assistance program, and sometimes, a lender could substantially reduce the monthly payments, provide forbearance or decrease the interest rate. Once you make a certain number of payments, a creditor may also forgive the entire loan.

Evaluating The Top Donors Who Might Repay Student Loans

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Here we evaluate and describe the top donors who have been known to pay off student loans.

1. Rolling Jubilee

Rolling Jubilee is a Nonprofit organization that has helped many students, and the organization eliminated debt that has a total value of more than $31.9 million. In addition, the organization frequently provides detailed reports that evaluate student loan debt.

The foundation also offers many resources that can help student loan borrowers, and the well-known organization frequently provides updates that may affect many students, lenders, and educational programs.

2. The Shared Harvest Fund

Volunteers are able to donate their time, skills, and resources to nonprofit organizations and receive financial support for doing so. You’ll be able to pay off your debts faster by doing something for others (social good) while working at your day job. It’s called the “mindful side hustle” because you’re not just making extra cash but you’re helping your financial status and others as well.

Subscribers can connect with paid services through their online platform. In order for people to be able to volunteer within the network, they need to create a free account and indicate which skills, talents, and social causes they want to help out with.

There are a wide variety of opportunities available from grant writing to legal assistance. The completion of these projects can result in compensation from $200 to $1,000. By volunteering and completing projects, the payments are directly sent to the loan servicer to help quickly reduce the debt. Shared Harvest has made it its mission to help students knock down their student loans while positively impacting the world at the same time.

3. Crowdfunding – GoFundMe


Since 2008, many students have frequently utilized crowdfunding. Once you create an online profile, you should specify your student debt, your current job, the balance of the loan, and the monthly payments. The profile should include pictures, a detailed video, and numerous types of references. Subsequently, multiple people can provide substantial donations to help you pay off the student loan debt.

4. AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps is a well-known organization that has helped millions of people, and currently, the foundation manages more than 270,000 volunteers. If you join AmeriCorps, the organization may offer a grant that has a value of $6,345.

The foundation could automatically send the funds to the lender, and the creditor may also provide forbearance.

Repayment Programs That Are Sponsored By The State Government

Depending on the type of loan you have, the government may opt to forgive your student loans.

5. Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

You should evaluate a Government program that can reduce your monthly payments, provide student loan relief and offer forbearance. Once you apply for the program the lender will evaluate your monthly income, and the creditor may request monthly payments based on your income.

Therefore, you submit detailed documents that will verify your monthly income. Typically, you may provide a paycheck stub, a bank statement, or a tax return.

According to many reports, these state-sponsored loan repayment programs could reduce the monthly payments by more than 80 percent. In addition, if a person has a low income, the lender may also eliminate the monthly payments, yet once the debtor’s income increases, the creditor could eventually augment the monthly payments.

Employers That Repay Student Loan Debt

employers that pay off student loan debt

Depending on your employer, you may qualify for student loan forgiveness.

6. Cares Act Loan Forgiveness

Since 2010, many companies have provided programs that have helped employees to eliminate student loan debt. Multiple lawmakers have also created legislation that can regulate these payments. The employers may make annual payments that are worth $5,250.

These companies could directly pay the lenders, or the businesses can send the extra payments to the employee. Once an employer reduces the student loan debt, the local laws may provide a tax exemption.

7. Branded Student Debt Initiatives

Suppose you would like to reduce student loan debt. In that case, you could contact multiple companies that provide student loan initiatives, and these businesses may reduce the student loan payments, offer substantial reimbursements or decrease the interest rates.

Some companies have also created numerous contests that may interest thousands of students. Once a person wins the contest, the business can provide significant rewards that decrease student loan debt. 

Examining Student Loan Repayment Assistance And Other Industries

During the last 15 years, many loan providers have created programs that can help students. For example, some creditors provide programs that may lower the monthly payments, provide forbearance and reduce the interest rate.

The lenders evaluate the student’s income, numerous types of expenses, and the current student loan balance. Subsequently, the creditors will customize a payment plan, and the student may request lower payments.

Charities That Help With Student Loans

charities that pay off student loan debt

In addition to private organizations and corporations, several charities have made it their mission to help students with crushing student loan debt.

8. Student Loan Justice

In 2005, multiple activists established Student Loan Justice, which is a charitable organization. This group can provide donations that will help debtors. The organization also supports many programs that offer student loan repayment assistance.

Once you contact the organization, the experts help you find multiple donors, and the philanthropists contribute money to college students.

The organization has created detailed reports describing the effects of student loan debt. The reports examine the average value of the student loans, the number of debtors, and multiple types of lenders. Several reports have indicated that more than 70 percent of students have college debt.

Moreover, at least 57 percent of students are searching for student loan relief.

Studying The Benefits Of Crowdfunding

Again, we explore the generous world of crowdfunding.

9. Indegogo

When you are ready to try crowdfunding, you could evaluate Indiegogo, which is a well-known business. You may create a new campaign, describe your goals, request donations, and customize your profile.

After a person provides a donation, you can also offer numerous types of rewards. The incentives could increase the number of potential donors, improve donations’ values, and enhance the popularity of a campaign. 

After creating the campaign, you may share relevant links on social media networks and provide essential updates. Typically, this strategy could significantly improve the campaign’s popularity, and consequently, many philanthropists may view your profile, offer donations and reduce the balance of your student loans.

In addition, once a person donates, the recipient could provide several types of rewards, and usually, the incentives encourage many people to offer large donations.

Individuals Who Can Reduce Student Loans

individuals who will pay off student loans

Many students have contacted family members to help pay off their student loans. Once the family members evaluate the student loans, some relatives may offer donations worth more than $5,000, or the family members may provide interest-free loans.

If you utilize crowdfunding, these relatives may encourage other people to offer substantial donations. In addition, family members can share the campaign on social media networks, and subsequently, multiple friends may send donations, provide helpful advice and share relevant links.

Celebrities Who Sometimes Repay Student Loans

There are several celebrities who have become well known for their generous spirit of paying off student loans.

10. Well Known Celebrity Donors

During the last five years, many celebrities have provided student loan repayment assistance. The well-known celebrities primarily helped impoverished students, volunteers, social workers, and medical professionals. If you require student loan assistance, you could contact multiple celebrities who have helped college graduates.

You may send detailed messages that describe the loans, interest rates, monthly payments, and your college degree. Typically, you should personalize each message and include your current situation, job, and monthly expenses.

Once you contact a celebrity donor, you should also create messages that evaluate your accomplishments, goals, and talents. Usually, these messages can encourage the philanthropist to offer substantial donations, and occasionally, a well-known philanthropist might also hire college students searching for employment.

Most celebrities may not respond to the messages, but if you have a crowdfunding campaign, you could share the campaign with the celebrity. Sometimes, the philanthropist might donate to the campaign, and the celebrity may ask their fans to provide significant donations.

Some of the notable recent celebrity donors have included:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Rihanna
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Drake
  • Beyonce
  • Jay-Z
  • Tyrece Gibson
  • Nellie
  • LeBron James
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Ellen DeGeneres

Evaluating Other Techniques That Can Help You To Repay Student Loans

During the last decade, some lenders have created forbearance programs. The creditors could postpone the student’s payments for more than two years. Once a student requests forbearance, the lender will add the monthly interest to the loan, yet the creditor will not require the student to make monthly payments.

Numerous reports have suggested that more than 37 percent of college graduates have requested forbearance. Since March 2020, most lenders have automatically provided forbearance, and the program will protect the debtors until January 2022.

After you contact a lender, the creditor may defer the student loan, and consequently, you can avoid the monthly payments. In addition, if a company provides deferment, the interest will not accumulate. During this time, you can save extra money, evaluate multiple types of refinancing options, contact well-known philanthropists and create a crowdfunding campaign.

Forgiving Student Loans And Examining Multiple Programs

After you have made 120 payments, you should contact the lender. The creditor may describe programs that can eliminate your debt. Many lenders can automatically forgive federal student loans, yet the creditors may require you to provide detailed information.

Once you submit an application, you can report your monthly income, the balance of the loans, the monthly payments, and the interest rate. The lender may evaluate your application, the available programs, and your needs. Then the creditor could forgive the entire loan, reduce the monthly payments, defer the loan or provide forbearance.

If a borrower is disabled, the lender could forgive the entire loan. The creditor may also eliminate the interest associated with the student loan. The borrower should submit an application that contains many questions. The debtor could describe the student loan, the medical condition, and the cause of the disability.

Subsequently, the person can provide detailed documents that evaluate the medical history of the borrower. Usually, a representative will help the borrower complete the application, and the representative could help answer essential questions, specify the application’s requirements, and explain the terms of the program.

During the last five years, many lawmakers have encouraged creditors to forgive the federal loans, and the legislators have supported statutes that may significantly reduce the monthly payments. As a result, according to numerous experts, some creditors might forgive many loans during the next decade.

Moreover, if the lenders eliminate the debts, the lawmakers may provide substantial incentives, many reimbursements, and several types of tax credits.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Several organizations frequently help employees who work in the public sector. Once an employee makes 120 payments, the lender can forgive the entire loan. During the last decade, more than 500,000 people have enrolled in this program.

Typically, the program can benefit caretakers, scientists, translators, landscapers, and many other employees. Before the borrowers request assistance, the individuals should work for a government agency.

Alternatively, the debtors may contact nonprofit organizations searching for employees, and the foundations can hire new employees, provide several types of incentives, and offer student loan relief.

Once you apply for this program, experts may evaluate your job, employment history, and income. Afterward, the specialists may examine your monthly payments, the lenders, and the balance of each loan.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

loan forgiveness for teachers

Recently, many legislators approved a program that can help teachers who have student debt. For example, if you are a highly qualified teacher, the program could provide a grant that has a value of $17,500, and the program will automatically send the funds to the lender. Sometimes, other teachers may receive grants that are worth $5,000.

Before a teacher applies for the program, the instructor should make at least 120 payments. The experts may also evaluate the teacher’s certifications, degree, and standardized test results. Fortunately, the program can eliminate subsidized loans, unsubsidized loans, and other types of debt.

11. The National Health Service Corps

This organization can repay many types of loans, and the foundation could also provide substantial scholarships that will benefit students. If you join the National Health Service Corps, you will be required to provide service for at least two years. The organization can repay loans that have a value of $50,000.

This organization frequently recruits physicians, nurses, dentists, and therapists. Once the group accepts an application, the employee may work at an approved clinic or a private facility.

In 1972, the United States Department of Health and Human Services created the National Health Service Corps, and the organization has consistently served citizens who may require health care. The foundation helps residents who are not able to afford medical services.

The organization also manages clinics located in rural areas, and these facilities could serve patients who reside in remote locations. Some clinics can also provide transportation, and if a person does not have a health insurance plan, the medical facilities could offer discounted services.

Once you join the organization, the foundation can substantially improve the quality of your resume, and the group may provide excellent references. After you leave the organization, health professionals can help you find an excellent job in the health care industry.

Military Student Loan Forgiveness

According to numerous reports, more than 178,000 soldiers have student loans, and currently, at least 15 percent of the loans have a value of more than $50,000. However, if a person joins the military, the school could forgive the entire loan, eliminate the interest and provide several grants.

The military offers programs that can help soldiers who have served for at least one year. Before a university forgives a loan, a commanding officer should provide a certified document that describes the soldier’s service. The educational institution can evaluate the official certification, and usually, the university could forgive the student loan within two months.

Scientist Loan Forgiveness

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Multiple organizations provide programs that can help scientists who have student loans. These foundations may also offer many grants to reduce college tuition, incentivize many scientists, help numerous universities, and improve educational programs.

12. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences can provide cutting-edge technology to benefit biologists, physicists, geologists, and students. The organization also offers detailed reports that describe innovative research, and the foundation frequently manages events, webinars, lectures, and many types of conferences. During each year, the organization repays student loans that have a value of $50,000. 

When a scientist has student debt, the organization could automatically pay the lender. Usually, the foundation will employ the scientist for at least two years, and afterward, the employee could renew the contract, receive a substantial bonus or find a similar job.

The organization has also created guidelines that will help the scientists to submit new applications. After a scientist completes an application, the foundation may approve the application within one month.

Lawyer Student Loan Forgiveness

If you have achieved the status of esquire, you may be eligible to have a majority of your student loans repaid.

13. The Department of Justice

The Department of Justice provides a program that can help lawyers repay student loans, and typically, the organization can pay $6,000 each year. In addition, if an attorney qualifies for the program, the Department of Justice may offer grants that have a total value of $60,000.

 Eligible lawyers should serve the Department of Justice for at least three years. The attorneys may help clients who cannot afford legal services, and the attorneys could also complete important research, evaluate multiple types of statutes, and receive several incentives.

The Federal Student Loan Repayment Program

Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Education provides many programs that can reduce the balances of the loans, and the plans may also decrease monthly payments, provide flexible terms and minimize the interest. For example, the organization offers a graduated repayment plan that has helped more than 800,000 borrowers.

When you choose this plan, the lender will initially require minimal payments, but once your income increases, the creditor may gradually augment the monthly payments. Usually, the borrowers can repay the loans within ten years.

The organization has encouraged the lenders to provide custom repayment plans, and if a debtor has a low income, the creditor will only require affordable payments. Once you apply for this repayment plan, the lender can automatically provide forbearance for two months.

During this time, the creditor will review the detailed application, evaluate your income and examine the monthly payments. Sometimes, the lender will temporarily eliminate the monthly payments.

After a borrower receives a direct loan, the U.S. Department of Education can provide a repayment plan that will offer flexible terms. You will only make payments that are equivalent to 10 percent of your monthly income.

The organization will recalculate your income each year, and the lender may customize your monthly payments. Most borrowers pay off the direct loans within 20 years, yet if the debtor has not repaid the loan, the lender will automatically eliminate the loan’s remaining balance.

Student Loan Refinancing

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Many lenders have encouraged some debtors to refinance their loans, and usually, the lenders may provide lower interest rates, flexible terms, and a custom payment plan. The companies could also eliminate unnecessary fees. According to multiple surveys, refinanced loans may reduce monthly payments by more than 28 percent.

Suppose you would like to refinance a student loan. In that case, you could quickly submit an application. The lenders utilize innovative software programs that will automatically evaluate your credit score, your total debt, the balance of the loan, and the duration of the loan.

Subsequently, the lenders will indicate the interest rate of the new loan. You may also evaluate the number of payments, the terms of the contract, and the loan duration.