The Ultimate Guide To Save Money!

With a quick search on the internet, it seems there are countless ways to save money.  The saving money tips range from making your own soap to shopping around for car insurance. 

I have scoured the web and put together the 32 most comprehensive and reasonable saving strategies out there. 

1. Chose Your Days/Times Wisely

Many restaurants encourage people to dine during their less busy days and times.  Check your favorite restaurant’s weekly deals.

2. Sign Up For Restaurant Rewards

Restaurants frequently offer valued customer discounts if you sign up for their reward programs. One of the dangers associated with these rewards programs is their ability to entice you to spend money.

3. Pay With Gift Cards

A large number of restaurants offer gift cards at discounted prices.  For instance, Costco and Sams Club routinely sell $100 worth of gift cards for $75 dollars. 

4. Avoid The Appetizer

With the large size portions we have in America, there really is no reason to purchase an appetizer. Often people believe that appetizers cook faster than the main meal so it’s needed when you’re most hungry.

5. Drink Water – Seriously

If you get into the habit of only drinking water at restaurants, your wallet and waistline will thank you. In addition, if you are constantly buying bottled water because you hate the taste of tap, consider investing in a whole-house water filtration system – see this guide on QWL or consider reduced filtrations systems such as reverse osmosis system for your house.

6. Is Your Birthday Coming Up?

Most restaurants offer some type of discount or special promotions for the birthday boy or girl.  You may have to endure an obnoxious birthday song from the wait staff, but you will be rewarded with a free dessert or appetizer.

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