5 Ways to Save Money When Moving To NYC

You may have heard that not only does New York City hold the title as one that doesn’t sleep, but it’s also currently the most expensive place to live in the US.

5 Ways to Save Money When Moving To NYC

1. Timing and distances are of the essence – and they impact your budget’s bottom line

If you have the freedom to choose when you’re planning your move, consider booking in the off-season. Early spring and summer are the busiest times for movers.

2. Carefully consider “cheap movers”

It may be tempting to peruse Craigslist for moving help or talk your old pals into helping you load up your moving truck with a round of drinks and pizza. However, depending on what you’re moving and how far you’re traveling to get to NYC, you may want to think twice.

Moving to NYC may be a little more complex than just moving your stuff from point A to point B. Talk with your movers about how they assess the costs of their services. For example, do they charge hourly, by weight, or by volume?

3. Communicate with your movers and get clear on costs

Keep this in mind as you negotiate all of your other expenses. What’s more, there’s often an upfront move-in cost with rental apartments.

4. Get real with your budget and move-in fees

Assessing what of your current possessions is necessary to take with you. Then, you may need to downsize. Your comfy overstuffed loveseat may just be too big for your NYC apartment. 

5. Be frugal, but fabulous, with your furnishings

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