What Is A Freelancer? How To Make Money

Freelancing has taken shape across the world. Statistics show that about 31.4% of the workforce around the globe are freelancers. 

What Is A Freelancer?

A freelance worker is a person who works for a client on a self-employed basis and does not make a long-term commitment to the employer. Instead, they manage all the work from one or more clients to ensure that the job is completed as agreed with the client.

Why Is It Called Freelancing?

Freelance is a term that combines the two words “free” and “lance.” In English, it is called an etymology and was coined by Sir Walter Scott. That was the period around 1771 and 1832. It usually meant that the lance was not tied to the lord’s responsibilities or services. 

Most Common Freelance Career Fields

- Sales And Marketing Jobs - IT And Networking Jobs - Design And Creative Jobs - Data Science And Analytics Jobs - Translation Jobs - Legal Jobs - Engineering And Architecture Jobs

How To Find Freelance Work

Some of the best ways or methods to use to find freelance work include the following:  - Freelance marketplace  - Cold pitching  - Owning a website  - Social media  - Client referral  

Pros Of Freelancing

- Freelancing - Independence - Flexibility - Ability To Choose Jobs And Clients - Exposure - Workload - Ability To Choose Your Work Location

Cons Of Freelancing

- Lack Of Employee Benefits - Possibility Of Delayed Payments - No Steady Income

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