What To Do After A Minor Car Accident – 5 Simple Steps

If you have never been in a minor accident or even a fender bender, you can consider yourself lucky – or just overdue. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, minor accidents are still frequent.  

What To Do After A Minor Car Accident

Contact The Police Immediately

Even a minor car accident is extremely stressful, and emotions tend to run high. The damage to your vehicle might not seem substantial enough to contact the authorities. 

Move Your Car

Minor accidents rarely result in serious injuries, but a vehicle blocking the road is a danger in itself. To protect your property and other drivers, move your car to the nearest safe area.

Ask the other driver for their name, address, insurance company name, policy number, and license plate number. Don’t forget to ask whether or not they own the vehicle they were driving. 

Exchange Information With The Other Driver

Photographic documentation goes a long way in determining the severity of the damage. While taking pictures is not something that immediately crosses most people’s minds when they get into an accident, this can prove to be useful evidence in the future. 

Take A Photo Of The Damages

Once you have moved your car to a safe place, talked to the police, and exchanged information with the other driver, it’s time to contact your insurance company. Many insurance agencies will allow you to speak directly to their representative, who can walk you through the process. 

File An Insurance Claim

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