Where To Turn Your Coins Into Cash [Fast!]

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Turning coins into cash is getting more difficult each day and in some instances, it can be very costly. 

Due to this, I have compiled a list of companies and services you can still use to turn your dusty old coins back into cold hard cash.

Cash Coins For Free [At Your Bank]

In the past, you could bring your coins into your bank and they would count them for you with a machine. It was a free service most banks offered as a service to their customers.

Most Credit Unions Exchange Coins For Cash For Free

While most large banks do not waive the coin exchange fee charged by the Coinstar kiosks, many credit unions do! Unfortunately, to take advantage of this service, you usually are required to be a member of the credit union to have the coin fee waived.

Coin exchange machines are automated kiosks that will count all of your coins and provide you with either cash or gift cards. The most popular coin counting machine in the United States is Coinstar. 

A Coin Exchange Machine Near You (Coinstar)

The Coinstar kiosk is a vertical machine that is usually inside bank lobbies, grocery stores, malls, and other areas where people buy and sell goods. 

An Explanation Of The Coinstar Exchange

If you choose to use this machine, it will charge you 11.9% of your total in fees! If you were to bring in $100.00 worth of coins, you would only take home $88.10 in cash.

The Heavy Fees Of Turning Coins Into Cash

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