Why I Have 6 Bank Accounts – And You Should Too!

You read that right, I have six bank accounts that I use on a monthly basis. I have had more in the past and the number of accounts fluctuates depending on what is going on in my life. 

My Current Bank Account Setup:

Move Your Money At The Beginning Of The Month

If you move your money at the beginning, it makes it much more difficult to overspend if you don’t have the money in checking to begin with. This is where strict discipline on credit card usage is a must.

You Need A Vehicle Account

After the money is deposited into checking, we move a portion into a vehicle fund. This fund is only for vehicle maintenance and for future vehicle purchases.

This is obviously our favorite fund and one we make sure we put money into each and every month! By having a set amount of money deposited into this savings account, we pay for our vacations with cash. 

My Vacation Account Is My Favorite

Our fourth savings account is our emergency savings and six months of expenses fund. Luckily this savings account is fully funded so we no longer contribute to it. 

Emergency Savings And 6 Months Of Expenses Account

Each month my wife and I get a certain amount of “fun money.” This is money that we can spend without feeling any guilt.  

“Fun Money” Accounts Are Only For Fun!

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