21 Easy Ways To Get Paid To Read Books

Quality book reviewers are always in demand because authors are continuously publishing new books for the public to enjoy. However, being a quality reviewer doesn’t mean you have to be a professional with years of writing experience.

Some of these jobs include proofreading, copy editing, acquisitions editing, freelance content editing, etc. All of these options provide you the chance to read and write as part of the book publishing industry.

Make A Career Out Of Book Reading

The Top 21 Ways To Get Paid To Read Books

This book review magazine is a source for other websites like Amazon to get book reviews. Seeing a book review before you commit to reading it is the specialty of Kirkus media.

Kirkus Media

This site is best known for its extensive collection of indie books. However, if you are indeed an avid reader of all things indie, then you will love this chance to read the newest self-published books before most others.

Reedsy Discovery 

One of the most intriguing parts about this service is that they pay you cash for your book reviews. This is a self-publishing service that hires book reviewers for individual books.

Any Subject Books

This site pays you in ARCs for your services. You have the opportunity to read Advance Readers’ Copies of various books, sometimes months before they are even scheduled to be published. 

Book Browse

The online book club prides itself on ensuring that anyone trying to sign up to be a part of their community for book lovers knows this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. They are looking for avid book readers who are genuinely excited about the ability to review the books they read during their off-hours. 

Online Book Club

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