25 Best Ways To Make Money As A Kid

It was much harder to make money when I was a kid because we didn’t have the internet with all these great ideas! Now, with a quick search, you can end up on an awesome web page like this to figure out exactly how you can start earning money – at any age! 

An Easy Way To Make Money As A Kid – If You’re 13 Years Old Or Older

1. Online Surveys And Survey Sites

Are you thirteen years old or older? With your parent’s permission, you can sign up for several different types of online survey sites that will pay you in gift cards or cash. 

- Survey Junkie - Inbox Dollars - Swagbucks

2. Play Video Games For Gift Cards

By taking various online surveys, many companies will incentivize people by rewarding them with gift cards. Another way to earn gift cards is to play games or watch videos. 

Mistplay is another great app that lets you test out video games and earn gift cards while doing it. 

3. Collect And Resell Golf Balls

If you live near golf courses, you may potentially be sitting on a gold mine! Because new golf balls are relatively expensive, people will pay good money for gently used golf balls.  

4. Recycle Aluminum Cans Cans For Cash

This was probably my favorite way to make money when I was young. We would collect cans at home in a separate bin and take the cans to a recycler when the bin filled up. 

5. Recycle Plastic And Glass Bottles For Money

In a similar vein, some states will pay you for glass and plastic bottles in good condition.

6. Help Your Parents With A Garage Sale

More than likely, your parents have a house filled with stuff they no longer use. Work with your parents and see if they would be willing to help you organize a yard sale. 

7. Run A Lemonade Stand In Your Neighborhood

This tried and true business model has stood the test of time! I’m pretty sure that even my grandparents had a lemonade stand when they were younger. 

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