38 Unique Raffle Basket Ideas!

The purpose of having a raffle basket is to raise funds. It is an idea that is used mainly by nonprofits to generate some revenue.  

Here are the best raffle basket ideas you can try. Of course, each basket idea can be suitable for an occasion or an event, whether a birthday party, housewarming or cocktail party. 

Jewelry Basket

A jewelry basket can be a great idea since it appeals to most occasions, such as cocktail parties and galas, among other events. To make it appealing, you can give it a twist, organize it in a way that looks attractive, and include handpicked items wrapped together creatively in a box.

Wine Basket

A wine basket will appeal to all wine lovers, and you will likely raise more money if you make it more attractive. You can have some bottles of wine in the basket, including red wine and other delicious treats such as fresh nuts.

Housewarming Gift Basket

You can either go traditional or modern when choosing what to include in your housewarming basket. The traditional way used to include a loaf of bread, which had a significant meaning. It was to denote blessings and wishes of abundance.

Grooming Supplies Basket

You can use this basket to make a difference and even as a surprise box for loved ones. Therefore, when making it a raffle idea, you can make it unique by hiding some of the gifts inside that would create a buzz during the event.

Homemade Beauty Products

Some DIY beauty products in the basket include coconut oil body scrubs, lemon sugar scrubs, oatmeal exfoliating bars, sugar scrub flowers, and sea salt body scrubs. You can also have DIY beard oils, homemade body moisturizers, and spiced chai, among other homemade scrubs.

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