Begging For Money: The Beggar’s Guide To Getting It Together

Has begging for money become the new norm? It seems that the internet has become an easy way for people to become online panhandlers. 

You have to get your financial stuff together and take responsibility for your own successes and failures. Here are five ways to get it done.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Income

If you aren’t currently earning enough money, find ways to make extra cash, such as starting an online business or donating blood plasma for up to $400 per month. There are so many ways to bring in extra money that there are literally no excuses worthy of holding you back.

Step 2: Start Budgeting Every Single Time You Get Paid

Many times, financial problems are the result of overspending and improper budgeting (or worse, failing to budget at all). Budgeting is so important, especially if you are an impulse buyer. You don’t need fancy planners or complicated spreadsheets to create a budget. 

Step 3: Find Ways To Cut Costs

There are certain things we’ve become accustomed to, such as TV, internet, cell phones, alcohol, cigarettes, [insert your vice here].

Step 4: Determine If Daycare Is Worth The Cost

If you and your spouse are both working outside of the home, it’s important to make sure it makes financial sense. Take a look at your take-home pay (assuming you are not the breadwinner).

How To Stop A Friend Or Family Member From Begging For Money

Stop enabling them. Stop giving them $5 here, $10 there, putting gas in their tank, buying them groceries. Parents: your adult children are adults. A little tough love will help them far more than a few bucks. Offer to proofread their resume or help them look for jobs. But stop giving them money.

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