The Basics of Personal Finance You Need to Grow Your Net Worth

Increasing your net worth is easy if you follow the basic fundamental tips of personal finance. Don’t overcomplicate things.

Starting with the basics

There are many people looking for hot stock picks and the next big thing that will get them rich. However, there aren’t enough people building their net worth up with the basics (cutting out the crap, growing a side hustle, investing in things they understand, and so on). 

It’s important to see where your money goes so that you know what your problem areas are and how much money you need to be making to maintain your desired lifestyle. 

Figure out where your money’s going

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- Use your banking app  - Have a rough idea of your weak spots:  

How do you figure out where your money’s going?

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Cut something out. Work on it. Negotiate.

How do you fix problem areas?

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How do you make more money?

- Find ways to make more money at your current job - Start a profitable side hustle  - Upgrade your skills to land a better-paying gig  - Sell your crap

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Look into investing to grow the net worth

Before you get into crypto, please take some time to learn about what a stock is, if index funds are for you, and if you have enough money saved to take some risks.