How Much Cash Retirees Should Hold

For many retirees, their spending habits are such that they should be holding relatively large amounts of cash so they don’t have to withdraw from other assets in their portfolios.

Invaluable Peace Of Mind

Some common qualms about retirement are beyond your control, like economic conditions. Nevertheless, any fears that can be eliminated should be, where possible, and taking out more cash is one way to do this.  

Higher Returns Means Greater Overall Wealth

A higher level of cash reserves can potentially result in greater overall returns. This is possible because it lets you maintain more risk in your remaining portfolio.

Do you want to alleviate the effect of low yields? 

It’s highly recommended to maintain only a piece of this buffer in your savings accounts or money market funds.

Some Issues With This Strategy

Making a reliable income stream is a lot harder now than it was in the past. Treasury yields back then were higher, and the life spans shorter.

How To Analyze Your Plan

It is important to actually run retirement projections using a variety of asset classes and asset allocations. Hire a financial planner or use sophisticated financial planning software that allows you to run a variety of projections with different allocations.

The Bottom Line

A key component of a solid retirement plan is maintaining optimal levels of cash. Nobody wants to run out of money in retirement and having a sub-optimal allocation in your portfolio can lead to you not being able to meet your retirement goals. 

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