How Much Do Tattoo Artists Make & How To Start

The tattoo industry is one of the most rewarding when it comes to earnings for tattoo artists. It is a highly valued industry that has been on an upward trend and continues to grow.

How To Become A Tattoo Artist – Here’s Everything You Should Know

Learn To Draw

You must be good at drawing to become a good tattoo artist. Many tattoo artists learn to draw by taking art and design courses online, at a college, or at a community center.

Tattoo Apprenticeship

This is where most tattoo learning takes place. At this stage, you will gain the practical skills required to become a master of the art.

Apply For Licensing

Each state has different licensing requirements. Therefore, before you seek a business or operating license, you need to complete pre-licensing certifications and work with an established tattoo artist in your apprenticeship to gain some of the crucial skills required for licensing.

Get A Tattoo Job

When you have the skills, certifications, and license to operate, you can now venture into the tattoo business, whether as an independent contractor or you can apply to work for an established tattoo shop.

How Much Does A Tattoo Artist Make?

A tattoo artist earns a decent income, according to job statistics. Indeed statistics show that a tattoo artist makes about $64,106 annually, while Zip Recruiter statistics show that a tattoo artist earns about $99,956 annually.

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