Increase Your Income By Creating A Great Resume

As someone who had reviewed thousands of resumes during my working career, interviewed and hired hundreds of people, and managed my own career with success, I knew I could help. So I dived in…

After reading several posts, I could see a pattern — a very strong pattern. The posts were eerily similar to each other. I know that rarely happens but again and again, the same post popped up.

The Average Questioner

Here’s a representative sample of what the vast majority were like: 

Hey, guys! I have been looking for a job for a year now and am having no luck at all. I have applied for about 900 positions and haven’t received one call back, so I’m sure the problem is with my resume. Can you look it over and offer suggestions on how I can improve it?

Resume Mess

To say the resumes were a mess is an understatement. I’m not sure where these people got their initial advice on how to create a resume, but I assume it was either a first-grade elementary class or a trained monkey. Anyway, it was apparent why the resume wasn’t getting any results.

Even more, I saw a second pattern developing. Again and again, each poster had the same exact issues. They were making critical mistakes — ones that made their resumes almost worthless.

1. Follow A Standard Format Full Of Easy-To-Read Bullet Points. 2. List Quantifiable Accomplishments Beginning With Action Verbs. 3. Focus On Networking If You Really Want To Find A Job.

I’ll list them as recommendations of what to do instead of what to avoid as I think it’s more positive. So with that said, here are my three tips for making your resume as strong as possible:

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