Is Your Debt Uncontrollable? Watch For These Important Signs

Debt and credit can be valuable financially when it comes to buying a home or a vehicle, sending your children to college, and even getting leverage for other purchases. 

If the following warning signs are clear in your own situation, then you’re courting financial disaster: 

You Only Make Minimum Payments

If the minimum amount is really all that you can afford to pay each month, it’s a sure sign that your debt is already running wild.

You Can’t Get Credit

The first thing that lenders, like credit card companies, want to see from borrowers is if there is a strong possibility you will actually pay your debt back. If you’ve already saddled yourself with a heavy debt load, you effectively lessen your chances of getting a new loan.

You Lie About Your Debt

If your debt bothers you constantly such that it prevents you from concentrating on other things and robs you of sleep, it’s time to do something. Sweeping your debt problem under the rug and pretending it’s not there will only prolong your agony and worsens your situation.

You Transfer Your Balance Frequently

Some people think they can outsmart card companies by transferring their debt from one card to another. They are quick to grab a low introductory interest rate offer and transfer their balance to the new card.

You’re Starting To Miss Payments

If you’ve begun to skip out on settling certain bills every month, the signs are pointing to danger that your debts may already be out of control. Every time you’re late in paying your bills, it will create a negative impact on your credit score.

You Must Borrow To Pay Your Bills

If you’re left with no choice but to borrow money from family or friends or you need to make a cash advance on your credit cards, your debt problem is getting serious.

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