Mobile Car Detailing [Hire Or DIY?] Ultimate Guide

Car detailing is more thorough than a traditional car wash. It is more labor-intensive and precise.  

Mobile car detailing is like a mobile car wash where the professional detailing service is brought directly to your location. You can schedule the service in advance, and the service will show up at the time and place of your convenience.

How Much Does A Car Detailing Cost?

Most mobile auto detailing services have detailing packages with different services you can select. The price will vary depending on the package, the condition of your car’s cleanliness, and the size of your vehicle.

– Exterior wash and dry (exterior detailing) – Tire cleaning – Sealing or waxing – Polishing – Interior vacuuming – Mirror and trim cleaning

Typically, you can expect a price of $50 to $125 for averaged sized vehicles and $75 to $150 for a van or SUV when selecting a basic detailing package. Basic services should include:

Exterior Car Detailing Interior Car Detailing Engine Detailing Other Potential Service

What Does A Full Detail On A Car Include?

Is It Worth It To Detail Your Car?

If you want to extend the life of your vehicle by protecting the car’s paint and interior, detailing provides more than just washing off the dirt on the body and cleaning windows. You can be confident every nook and cranny of your car is clean, as well as add-on services for dent repair or paint correction.  

Why You Should Detail Your Car

- Protection - Maximizes Resale Value  - Saves money  - Improves Safety and Health   

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