No Buy Year – How To Get Back To The Basics

As the world grows ever-more complicated around us, the concept of a no-buy year aims to reset our consumer minds. It’s one of many forms of extremism that is growing in popularity.  

What’s A No Buy Year?

A No Buy Year is a self-enforced set of rules where someone limits or eliminates their purchases for an entire year.

Should I Consider A No Buy Year?

The principle underlying a no-buy year is that self-limitation can be empowering. This is one of the foundational principles of stoicism.

Decluttering And No Buy

It turns out that decluttering your bedroom closet acts as a metaphor for decluttering your life. Kondo’s method–KonMari–encourages people only to keep items that “spark joy” in their life.

Does No Buy + OMAD = a NOMAD?

Much like the no-buy year and KonMari, OMAD is a growing trend that employs a “less is more” mentality. OMAD stands for one meal a day.  

Other Examples Of “Extremism”

Some people are starting to go on “dopamine fasts.” Dopamine is the neural transmitter most often associated with reward-motivated behavior. 

Limits Create Growth

We are creatures of habit, and those habits often define us. If we shake up our habits, we can break our old definitions and grow in new directions.

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