How Remarrying Affects Child Support

If you have fallen in love and are thinking about getting married again, you need to know how remarrying affects child support before you say, “I do.” 

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This scenario is common in society today considering 40-50% of marriages in America have or probably will end in divorce¹. With that being said, when a married couple with children divorces, whether amicably or a need for getting a divorce from a narcissist, the higher income spouse usually is required to pay a set amount of child support to the other. 

The Remarrying Scenario

If The Custodial Parent Remarries

If the parent who is considered the custodial parent remarries, the court-mandated child support payments will not usually be adjusted.  For instance, if the wife has custody of the children, remarries, and is receiving child support, her child support payments will not be reduced if her new husband brings additional income. 

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If The Non-Custodial Parent Remarries

If the husband remarries and his new wife also has income, child support payments will not usually be adjusted.  The custodial parent can petition the court to reconsider the child support payments.  

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If the wife remarries and the new step-parent desires to adopt the stepchildren, several factors can change child support.  If the non-custodial parent agrees to relinquish their parental rights, the step-parent can then adopt the children as their own.  

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Adoption And Child Support

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– The custodial parent has incurred additional household expenses since the initial agreement – this can result in reconsideration of the amount paid – Either parent has a significant increase or decrease in income

Factors That CAN Affect Child Support Payments

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– The income of a new spouse – Contractual agreements in the new marriage – Additional children with the new spouse

Factors That Usually DO NOT Affect Child Support

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