How to Save Money on Self-care

Self-Care It means you need to put yourself first sometimes, and how you do that is defined by you.  Whatever it takes for you to feel like you have made yourself a priority, that you have taken care of yourself in some way that you needed to be taken care of. 

Some Ideas on Self-Care I’ve listed some everyday self-care experiences. All of them are budget-friendly and meant to give you ideas for how you could incorporate more self-care into your routine without spending $199 per month. 

Spa Day at Home

Many people will advocate or even try to get a facial and their nails done at least once a month. Assuming you find the middle of the road prices and are happy with your services, let’s assume that you pay about $100 for a facial and $35 for a basic manicure.

This time is to vent, connect with another female badass in your life. Hopefully, that helps release a lot of that stress that you’ve been carrying around.

Girl Time

Physical Activities

A great way to facilitate self-care and release stress is to get physical.  Gym memberships can be super expensive (I’m considering canceling mine), and how often can we even make time for the gym anyway? 

Escaping Reality

One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to read a book.  Might sound counterintuitive because I’m concentrating on something versus just trying to empty my mind. 

Budget Traveling

Giving yourself a getaway is the epitome of self-care, especially if you can take a solo trip. The time away, by yourself, is an excellent opportunity to not only de-stress but also to reflect and grow.

Getting Out of the House

Sometimes what we need is to escape the four walls that confine our daily lives.  The mind-numbing routine of going from home to work and back again can drive anyone crazy if you don’t get a break. 

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