How We save Money with a Mobile Hotspot!

As I write this article, my laptop is connected to my smartphone mobile hotspot. I have come to love the flexibility of a mobile hotspot. 

Can I Get WiFi Without an Internet Provider?

Since virtually no one can live without internet access, that cost is a necessary evil, right? Nope – you can get WiFi without an internet service provider at all.

What Is a Mobile Hotspot and How Does It Work?

Your smartphone’s mobile hotspot can be thought of in the same way that a modem and router are used with your desktop computer.  A mobile hotspot taps into the phone’s cellular data network to provide a way to get your device and other nearby devices connected to the internet.

What Is the Difference Between WiFi and Hotspot?

Wi-Fi is an “invisible” service that allows you to access the internet from wifi-enabled devices like laptops or smartphones. A hotspot is an access avenue – a way to use your mobile phone to allow several devices (laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, etc.) to connect to the internet when traditional Wi-Fi is not available.

You Can Use a Hotspot Instead of Traditional Wifi!

Of course, you can use a hotspot whenever you are traveling. You can check your email while waiting to be seated at a restaurant, you can connect your child’s handheld game console while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, and you can collaborate with co-workers on a presentation in Google Docs while you are waiting for your child’s piano lesson to end.

If you are using your smartphone’s hotspot feature, it simply uses and shares the data from the data plan that you have purchased for your phone. However, if you opt to use portable mobile hotspot devices, you must purchase an additional hotspot plan. 

How Much Hotspot Plans Are per Month

Republic Wireless Hotspot: – $25 a month for 2 GB – Add more data for $5 a month per 1 GB (up to 15 GB) AT&T Hotspot: – $25 a month for 2 GB – $50 a month for 5 GB – $75 a month for 8 GB

Here are some examples of current costs of mobile wifi hotspot plans from primary carriers: 

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