Top 25 Stay At Home Jobs [And Scams To Avoid]

In the past, a stay at home job was not something most people believed could be profitable enough to live off of. 

Many people have started to work from home for many reasons. New parents may want to stay home with their children, but they also want to continue to work in some capacity. 

What Are Stay At Home Jobs?

Advantages Of Working From Home

The main advantage is the flexible schedule. If you work from home, you are not “locked-in” to an eight-hour workday away from home.

Disadvantages To Working From Home

Sometimes it is difficult to develop a schedule or a routine and it is easy to waste time (hello YouTube!). If you are stuck on a work project, it is easy to procrastinate and take a nap instead of finishing your work. 

25 Best Stay At Home Jobs

There are SO many ways that you can earn a part-time income (or even a full-time income)  working from home. Here are 25 of the very best stay at home jobs. 

Customer Service Jobs - Call Center  - Chat Agent  - Bookkeeper 

Best Online Jobs - Virtual Assistant  - Sell On Amazon  - Social Media Manager  - Take Surveys  - Search Engine Evaluator - Maintain A Website That Uses Affiliate Marketing   

Tech Jobs - Graphic Designer  - Website Designer 

Clerical/Administrative Jobs - Data Entry  - Transcriptionist 

Writing Jobs - Freelance Writing  - Blogging  - Proofreader 

Teaching Jobs - Teach English   - Tutor 

Creative Jobs - Sell Crafts  - Flip Flea Market Finds  - Sell Photos Online 

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