13 Easy Ways I Get Free Stocks [Updated]

Nowadays, there are several ways in which you can indulge in micro-investing without spending a penny. There are multiple portfolios available, and you can take advantage of free stock offers to give your platform a boost. 

Do you want to know how to get free stocks and the legitimate applications you can use to start your investment journey? It may sound too good to be true, but this article will take you through various platforms to help you out. 

Is one of the most popular trading platforms where you can invest in ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. The company has a user-friendly application and low-cost structure.  

#1. Robinhood

#2. Webull

Is a brokerage company that deals in ETFs, stocks, and options. Additionally, the trading app offers you a commission-free account with no fees or minimum balance requirements.

Once you have allocated a portion of your budget for fixed expenses, you should set aside an amount for variable expenses. It is vital to allocate portions that correspond to your needs and consumption realistically.

#3. M1 Finance

#4. Nvstr

Is a brokerage platform that aims at helping you make smart and straightforward trade investments. The site empowers you with relevant insights, information, and a community that help you make wise decisions.  

#5. Stockpile

Is an online brokerage company with an easy-to-use application that helps people invest in stocks. It doesn’t require a lot of finances to start trading, provided you have a social security number and a US address.

#6. Bumped

Is a modern application with a new twist to let you earn stocks every time you shop at your favorite e-commerce site, retailer, or restaurant. Therefore, as a customer, you get a share of the company by being a regular client.

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