Where I Buy Name Brand Clothes For Cheap

If you didn’t know, I’m all about saving money in every way possible while still living a meaningful life. However, I have learned over the years that just because something is “cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea to buy it.

Why Some Generic Clothes Fall Apart

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to mass-produce items as quickly and efficiently as possible in our high consumption society. When it comes to generic, quality and durability aren’t always at the top of the priority list.

The 10 Top Name Brand Clothing Companies In The World

According to CorD Magazine, here are the ten best selling name brands: – #10. Armani – #9. Fendi – #8. Versace – #7. Burberry – #6. Ralph Lauren – #5. Chanel – #4. Prada – #3. Hermes – #2. Gucci – #1. Louis Vuitton

Top 15 Name Brands Millennials Prefer

According to Business Insider, here are the top 15 name brands millennials buy: – #15. Aeropostal – #14. Under Armour – #13. Chanel – #12. Levi’s – #11. Victoria’s Secret – #10. Forever 21 – #9. Ralph Lauren – #8. Van’s – #7. Converse – #6. JCPenney – #5. Macy’s – #4. Adidas – #3. Jordan – #2. Target – #1. Nike

The Places I Buy Name Brand Clothes For Cheap

Here are the best places to get brand name clothes on a budget.

Secondhand Online Stores? Yes Please!

Most of us are familiar with secondhand stores, but the normal process of showing up in person and digging through piles of clothing are a thing of the past. Now you can get secondhand clothing by shopping online.

The RealReal 

The RealReal is a good place to get designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for much less than you would pay at a retail store.

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